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A Secondary Containment System That Meets The Needs Of All Invested Parties:

  • Complete protection of lakes, rivers, streams, water tables, and land areas.
  • Dramatic improvement of current leak detection systems. 
  • Decreased pipeline corrosion by improving current cathodic protection.
  • Reduction of 3rd party strikes.
  • Significant cost savings associated with cleanup of pipeline leaks.
  • Potential for quicker approvals on new pipeline applications.
  • Reduces expensive pipeline monitoring by foot, drone, plane and helicopter.
  • Complete access to the pipeline in all weather conditions and is resealable.
  • Uses simple, tested and proven technology.
  • Reduction of insurance costs by mitigating risk of oil contamination.
  • Significant cost reduction of fines and penalties from government agencies.
  • Increases the longevity and value of any pipeline asset if sold in the future.
  • Complete protection of pipelines and electrical cables that are at risk of vandalism or theft.
  • Oil & gas industry (including Refinery, Petrochemical plants)
  • Environmental companies, consultants & contractors
  • Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities
  • Rail & transportation industry
  • Shipping & maritime
  • Government



EnviroClean® is a non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based, proprietary blend of non-ionic ethoxylated octylphenolic surfactants that has been specifically engineered as a cleanup and mitigation agent for a wide range of hydrocarbon products. 

EnviroClean® has been shown to be effective for quickly and effectively suppressing or completely eliminating VOCs, LEL’s, benzene and low levels of H2S and mercaptans in open or confined spaces.

EnviroClean® is also used to clean up hydrocarbon spills.  In these applications, EnviroClean® effectively conditions (physically) the hydrocarbon such that the microbes that naturally occur can more readily consume it.  It turns hydrocarbons into a nutrient source for the microbes.  When sufficiently mixed with hydrocarbon and water, the EnviroClean® forms a homogeneous solution of hydrocarbon, EnviroClean® and water, which is very stable.

EnviroClean® is a concentrated product, which must be diluted with water, that readily biodegrades.

EnviroClean® is commercially available in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, 275 and 330-gallon totes, and bulk.

Feature & Benefits

  • The colour of EnviroClean®serves to help identify sheening for spill response
  • Completely miscible in water and will not cloud or separate upon dilution
  • Unlimited shelf life (unopened)
  • Does not contain builders, petroleum distillates, caustics, tall oils, d-Limonene, terpene, or nitrates
  • Emulsifies and encapsulates hydrocarbons and fats, oils, and grease instantly
  • Suppresses VOC vapour release
  • Proprietary surfactant formula to mitigate contamination from oil, fuel, and other hydrocarbons
  • As a wetting agent, dramatically reduces the surface tension of water
  • Affordability – effective at light
    concentration working dilution (i.e. 1% to 6%)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick, easy, and safe to use
  • Immediate encapsulation of VOC’s saves downtime and lost revenues
  • An effective cleaner with fewer downstream complications
  • As an industrial cleaning agent, surfaces will be cleaner, less slick, and free of fats, oils, and grease

‚ÄčApplications & Uses

  • Surface washing treatments on waterways
  • Hard surface flushing and recovery enhancement
  • Suppression of VOC vapours and odours
  • Insitu free product recovery enhancement (LNAPL’s) for soil and groundwater
  • Effective for degassing and cleaning of tanks and equipment
  • Industrial cleaning and parts washing
  • Spill cleanup and emergency HAZMAT response


Paraffin Control
FQE Solvent-H
Enviro D-Grease


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