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What is NORM? (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material)

The Earth’s crust is radioactive. As a result, many naturally occurring materials contain radioactive elements (radionuclides).  

While the level of individual exposure is usually negligible, some circumstances arise wherein the concentration of primordial radionuclides reach a level that demands regulation and control.

Radioactive materials which occur naturally and expose people to radiation are known as “NORM” (naturally occurring radioactive material). Exposure to NORM is often increased by human activities (e.g., burning coal, making fertilizers, and oil and gas production operations). One of the main industries with an aqueous TENORM (technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material) problem is the petroleum industry.

The radionuclides identified in oil and gas streams belong to the decay chains of Uranium 238 and Thorium 232. These elements are not mobilized from the reservoir rock that contains the oil, gas, and formation water. When the produced water is brought to the surface it contains Radium, together with an abundance of other cations, mainly alkaline earth compounds. The highly toxic nature of Radium renders the effective separation of these radiotoxic substances from non-toxic compounds highly desirable.

Separation techniques like chelation, lime softening, and reverse osmosis are not specific for removing Radium2+ from brine waters. The complexation of Radium in the presence of other alkaline earth cations (Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, and Ba2+) that are in large excess is problematic since Ra2+ has the lowest tendency to form complexes. Since Ra2+ cations are divalent, the charge must be compensated to form neutral complexes.

 In general, the extraction constants of Ra2+ are lower than those of the other alkaline earth cations. This indicates that amino carboxylic acids (and their respective salts such as EDTA) cannot function as selective Ra2+ extractants in wastewater streams containing competing alkaline earth cations.

FQE® NORM-Clear™ and FQE NORM-Precip have been designed to address these highly challenging difficulties and to focus on efficient Radium removal through selective extraction and preferential adsorptive fractional precipitation. These techniques effectively target Radium for expedient and cost-effective control of NORM scales and contaminated waters.



EnviroClean® is a non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based, proprietary blend of non-ionic ethoxylated octylphenolic surfactants that has been specifically engineered as a cleanup and mitigation agent for a wide range of hydrocarbon products. 

EnviroClean® has been shown to be effective for quickly and effectively suppressing or completely eliminating VOCs, LEL’s, benzene and low levels of H2S and mercaptans in open or confined spaces.

EnviroClean® is also used to clean up hydrocarbon spills.  In these applications, EnviroClean® effectively conditions (physically) the hydrocarbon such that the microbes that naturally occur can more readily consume it.  It turns hydrocarbons into a nutrient source for the microbes.  When sufficiently mixed with hydrocarbon and water, the EnviroClean® forms a homogeneous solution of hydrocarbon, EnviroClean® and water, which is very stable.

EnviroClean® is a concentrated product, which must be diluted with water, that readily biodegrades.

EnviroClean® is commercially available in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, 275 and 330-gallon totes, and bulk.

Feature & Benefits

  • The colour of EnviroClean®serves to help identify sheening for spill response
  • Completely miscible in water and will not cloud or separate upon dilution
  • Unlimited shelf life (unopened)
  • Does not contain builders, petroleum distillates, caustics, tall oils, d-Limonene, terpene, or nitrates
  • Emulsifies and encapsulates hydrocarbons and fats, oils, and grease instantly
  • Suppresses VOC vapour release
  • Proprietary surfactant formula to mitigate contamination from oil, fuel, and other hydrocarbons
  • As a wetting agent, dramatically reduces the surface tension of water
  • Affordability – effective at light
    concentration working dilution (i.e. 1% to 6%)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick, easy, and safe to use
  • Immediate encapsulation of VOC’s saves downtime and lost revenues
  • An effective cleaner with fewer downstream complications
  • As an industrial cleaning agent, surfaces will be cleaner, less slick, and free of fats, oils, and grease

‚ÄčApplications & Uses

  • Surface washing treatments on waterways
  • Hard surface flushing and recovery enhancement
  • Suppression of VOC vapours and odours
  • Insitu free product recovery enhancement (LNAPL’s) for soil and groundwater
  • Effective for degassing and cleaning of tanks and equipment
  • Industrial cleaning and parts washing
  • Spill cleanup and emergency HAZMAT response


Paraffin Control
FQE Solvent-H
Enviro D-Grease


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